This class will be a tutorial unit on making websites in R. Being familiar with the basic elements of web design (HTML, CSS, domain names) able being able to quickly build a lightweight website is an important skill for any data scientist, although rarely part of data science curriculum. Our goal will be to introduce some of the common platforms and strategies for building a website. Unlike our modules, tutorials are aimed more at exposure than mastery of any particular concepts or tools. Because the central theme of pretty much everything in this area is “I wish I knew X existed when I was banging my head on Y,” this tutorial is primarily designed to give a very opinionated view of what tools are most worth investing time learning today.

In Thursday’s class we’ll briefly discuss these and dive into creating our own websites and addressing whatever questions you might have about all things related to web design. The readings here are mostly for reference, but do come with questions! Also, please install blogdown ahead of time, it should be easy.


A quick overview.


R platforms

Hosting basics

Custom design