Geospatial Reading - I

You’ve probably noticed that our textbook doesn’t have any section on geospatial data. Most exsiting resources on geospatial data in R still cover the older sp library, including the classic Applied Spatial Data Analysis in R (physical) textbook (by authors of sp and related packages, who are also authors of sf).

The under-development version of an upcoming textbook, Geocomputation with R, aims to provide a more thorough treatment of the latest iteration on spatial data in R, including the sf package and tidyverse-style programming. Please take a look over the introduction for background on spatial data analysis we will be exploring in this unit.

Other resources

  • I highly recommend browsing the excellent vignettes of the sf package. Vignettes are provided with most well-developed R packages and often provide the best and most up-to-date introduction to the package.

  • Follow the r-spatial blog & website for the latest news from the r-spatial community. (Speaking of which, you can also follow the Tidyverse website/blog for updates from there.) Most of the package developers involved in these projects are also active in the #rstats corner of Twitter.

  • Charlotte Wickham’s Spatial course on DataCamp, based on older sp library, but still very relevant. The raster side of things is still the same, though the sf package replaces the vector manipulation and mapping functions of sp, and native ggplot2 support for sf is preferable to the older work-arounds of ggmaps.

More from DataCamp

Unrelated to GeoSpatial data, a few instructors with lessons on DataCamp that I would highlight: